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Dear Friends


Do allow us to introduce ourselves. We are tour operators with offices in Delhi and Ladakh. We have our sister concerns and other agents under mutual patronage in Himchal, Sikkim, Darjeeling and in the entire North-East; Virtually in ever nook and cranny of the Great Himalays.

We have been serving clients from all over the world since the last thirty years through our homely entreprenurship in the tourism industry

we are a team of responsible service providers and take pleasure in providing you an authentic and satisfactory experience in your travels throughout India. Our offices are staffed with professionals, born and brought up in the same region where they work, they are known in the tourism circles for their job ethics. Our team is at their professional best, in the field and elsewhere, inspired, motivated and hospitable.

Snow Leopard Trails offers a unique experience of trekking on the exclusive trails of the rare and elusive cat- Snow Leopard, of the high mountains. Guided by a team of local naturalists who will also show you the different species of wild mountain goats and other preys that make up for the Leopard's food.

We also offer logistic and technical support to wildlife Film Makers. Some of the Films made through us are BBC's "Land of the Tiger", A Series on " The Mountains" , Living on the Edge" by Zealand Natural History Unit; "India's Big Cats" by ICON Films and " Spirt of the Snow Leopard "by Hugh Miles.

Ladakh is also one of the best regions for high altitude bird watching. we offer this opportunity tp explore these birds along the Indus river. the high mountains and some of the rarest birds up on the Changthng Lake. Its wetland reserves are the only breeding grounds in India for the Bareheaded Geese. Ruddy Shelducks. Mergansers and the rare Black Necked Cranes.

Our service comes with quality. beauty and performance that's optimum to man. yet we are never imposing and are safely flexible to every client's dream trip. For true comfort and real safety we always have the latest and the best equipment. Keeping in mind the needs of the area and the client.

With us it will be "the return of the native" , anywhere and everywhere, throughout the land and people that's India: you will see. you will fee and you will become one with the are you visit.

Yours in dedicated service

Snow Leopard Trails (India ) Private Limited

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